Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lesson 5


Don’t start with space in the beginning

Make sure put space between word

End every sentence with dot.

End every question with question mark.

Dot, coma, question marks come immediately after the last word and space after it.

------------------, ----------------------. --------------? ----------.

Coma is used for splitting compound sentence, classifying information and also for extra information

---------------------------------, ------------------------, -----------.

---------, -----------, ------------, ------------ and ---------.

He arrived in Baghdad, capital city of Iraq, to negotiate about the issue.

Put quotes in quotation marks

“-------------------------------------,” he said. Or “----------------------------.”

“-------------------------… ---------------,” he said. This when put 1st and 3rd sentence and omitted the 2nd.

In partial quote, coma is not needed. ---------------- “hhhhh” ----------.

For quote in title use ‘----------------------------------’

Brackets are used for explanation like:

------------------- Sunday (July 26) -------------.

“He (the prime minister) -------------------.”

---------------------- dolma (an Iraqi food)-----------.

----------------- dolma, an Iraqi food, ---------.

------------- Goran (or the Change) -------------.

Italicize names of books, newspapers and titles.

The writer published a new book named The Reality of Iraq

Do not use underline and bold

For numbers, from one to nine in word. From 10 above, in figure (digit)

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