Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lesson 3

The 5 Ws and 1 H


l Can one person or a group of people

l A who can earthquake, fire, flood…

l Who is like actor of a film

l Prominent the most well-known who

l It is not only subject that is the who, but an object is also can be


l It is more about verb

l What happened or did what

l Active, not passive

l Avoid static verbs an explosion happened in Baghdad left four wounded… an explosion killed four in Baghdad.

l Avoid negative verb, the mayor decided not carry out the bright project. The Mayor rejected carrying out the bridge project.

l Avoid verb (said) but use announced, welcomed, revealed, critics, defended


l For a daily, today or yesterday are used in first sentence; but not at the beginning

l For weekly, Sunday, Monday … Friday are more often used.

l The when can come at the beginning of sentence when the WHEN is most important part of the news.

l Recently, lately, nowadays… are sometimes used for escaping from being exact


l In politic and business statement are not much necessary

l For quirky stories, the where is often left till the end

l But Where comes in the lead when earthquake, explosion, fire, disease….


l An answer usually needs explanation

l Put it in the body text

l This about effect and result


l Explains the state of the verb

l It is more about adverb

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