Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lesson 2

News sources

One: Events,

1- meeting and press conference

2- courts

3- sport event

4- performances such as demonstration

1- meeting:

  • Prepare and collect backgrounds
  • Be there earlier
  • Get agenda or brochure
  • Try to speak to arrangers to get basic infos
  • After the event, go back to arranger to make sure of your infos

2- courts

  • You must stay at the session till the end.
  • Dress well and always turn your cell phone silent
  • If you need double check your infos, do it politely and carefully because people in court are not in good conditions
  • Be quick and short when you ask somebody relevant to the case.

3- sport event:

· Prepare and collect before-head infos

· You must be very careful because your readers might have seen the match

· Get chance to speak with players and coaches

· Put the result in first paragraphs

· Then tell how was the match

4- d. performances

· Again find out forehead infos

· Find out what is different (BBC concert wall collapse example)

· Timeline reporting is boring; so, get only the best angles of the event

· Accuracy is always important

Two: Written materials:

n Press releases

n Official websites

n Statistics

Three: Stories from contacts

Four: Stories from other sources

Five: Radio and TV stations

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