Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lesson 1

Media for People

A training program for teaching post graduates all over Iraq skills of professional journalism in eight months.

News must be:

Interesting to readers

Not known by readers

What makes the news:

an event relating to Timescale or distance

Big impact on readers

Abnormal (dog bites man or man bites dog)


Negativities, (to have a big house is not news; but when ur burns then is news)

Continuity: (if a teacher hit student in a school; a week later another student is beaten, then is news)

Personalization; seeing stories in term of people (to report about the war in Iraq through a butcher’s or a teacher’s daily life

The best



Science research and discovery

Human interest: housing, taxes, health, weather, dust, drought.

Wine drinkers are slimmer/healthier/cleverer than those who drink beer and spirits

Women spend an average of £31,000 on shoes in a lifetime

Ready-made salads are too salty

Drivers want more traffic police

Libraries risk becoming relics

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