Monday, October 26, 2009

Lesson 8 Follow Up

Follow up news making

Out of official statements

Ò Always check official websites that produce news.

Ò Have a list of as many as official websites

Ò List the important ones in the top.

Ò Any news from presidency, government, parliament make news

Ò Organizations, parliamentary blocs, parties, and companies produce news as well

Following up statements

Ò We make news of statements in two ways:

Ò first: is simple quoting but it is weak and

Ò second is checking which is more powerful

Ò Statement are always written in favor of the side publishes it

Ò They give mostly positive points and more praising them selves

Ò this needs a second side to comment on

Simple follow up

Ò Read the statement very carefully, or even more than once

Ò Highlight the most important parts of it

Ò Decide your angle of new

Ò Rewrite the news starting from the angle

Ò Quote most important parts

Ò Mention date of publishing and the source (which website) but not very early

Ò Add backgrounds because statements are not full report

Ò For background you need to read extra reports

Ò Practice: every one prepares a news out of a recent statement

Follow up with checking

Ò Checking with a statement makes it your own news

Ò Of course, it is better to publish your stuff than copy-pasting

Ò When you find an important new statement, try to get opinions on it

Ò Opinions are better when reject, deny, support or praise the statement

Ò More than one opinion (especially when contradicting) is more stronger

Ò Practice: a recent statement with two comments from different sides.

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