Monday, October 26, 2009

lesson 10 Politics


Political reporting

ž Simply informs people of what authority is doing

ž And informs government of what people want

ž One source is never source

Enrich your contacts

ž You should have contacts and sources

Collect as many as politicians’ phone numbers

Numbers of political bureau members of present parties

Members of parliament members of every blocs

Also have lists of the parliamentary committees and their chairmen

Members of government, ministers and deputies

Members of provincial and local councils

Experts, analyzers, academics, former members of parliament and government

How to collect contacts

ž Record contacts of every politician your once interview

ž Never be afraid to ask a politician to give you a contact, but after you receive his opinion as well

ž At events, reach your self to secretaries to give you contacts

ž Make friendship with journalists who have contact lists

ž Look at official websites like parliament, local council; they sometimes provide contacts.

ž Register your contacts in digital and notebook

ž Always write full name, position and the number as well as other contacts such as email. sample




Extra phone or email


Nuri al-Maliki

Iraqi Prime minister, leader of Dawa party




Ayad Alawi

Former prime minister, leader of Iraqiya list


Phone interview

ž While interviewing via phone, you have a very short time, so consider:

ž Have a list of already made questions

ž Choose right place to get clear voice

ž Make sure of credit, charge and memory

ž After he answers your call, make sure he is the right person. Some officials deliver their phones to aids when entering meetings.

ž Identify your self and tell the purpose of your interview

ž Be confident and also friendly as much as you can to skip difficulty of phone interviews

ž Record with your phone as soon as you start talking

ž If you are in calm place, switch it to louder

ž Make sure having paper and pen in hand

ž Never let questions and answers long. Interrupt when necessary

ž Thank him and tell him that you may call him again.


ž Many officials don’t welcome phone interviews

ž Often you get officials’ phones switched off or they don’t pick up

ž Try again later if you had time, like one hour, less or more. Officials don’t reply while in meeting

ž If you had other relevant numbers, don’t wait to call somebody again

ž Be aware when you call; you cannot call a PM and you know the parliament is on session

ž Try not to call during rest time

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